Who is Pilates suitable for?

• Pilates is suitable for almost everyone, the exercises can be adapted to suit your own needs and capabilities.


What should I wear?

• It is best to wear comfortable clothing that is not to loose. I f your clothing is to loose it makes it harder to assess posture and alignment. Pilates is done in either socks or bare feet.


When do I see the result?

• Your progress with Pilates is very much will dependant on your practise at home as well as how often you come to class/studio. Many people start to feel the benefits straight away and after a few weeks possibly see the difference.


How is it best to start?

• I recommend two private sessions for most people if they have never done Pilates before. Having a private session really helps to get a clear understanding of pilates as well as allows the instructor to work out a program for you to practise at home.


If you would like to know anything else regarding Pilates please let me know. info@karenrooneypilates.co.uk