“I started seeing Karen after the birth of my second son had left me with a painful lower back and pelvic girdle pain. Her professionalism, down to earth approach and warm sense of humour have all combined to get me back on my feet and I really look forward to my weekly session with her. I have always had hyper-mobile ligaments and any niggling pains or issues I have with that now, Karen helps me out by individually tailoring my Pilates exercises.  If you are considering Pilates, I would thoroughly recommend Karen.”

Wendy, Edinburgh.

“When my Physiotherapist first suggested trying Pilates, I was very sceptical.  I had suffered a car accident some years before and now have pins and plates holding my hip and left leg together, which in turn caused me a lot of back problems.  I was in a lot of pain and my movement was very limited.   However, at only 37 years old, I didn’t relish a future of not being able to get around easily and without being in constant pain.  So I decided to take my Physiotherapist’s advice and look into Pilates a bit further.  I was then very lucky to be introduced to Karen Rooney.  Karen made an appointment for me and I headed down to the studio for her to give me an assessment.  I admit I was nervous at first, but Karen’s easy nature and professionalism put my mind at rest instantly.  She devised a set of exercises for me to try at home and off I went.  At this time I was attending Physiotherapy weekly, however very quickly after starting my Pilates exercises, my Physiotherapist started to notice a difference in my movement and encouraged me to keep going as things were definitely improving.  I then managed to get a place on one of Karen’s mat classes and have not looked back since.  Karen ensures that all her Clients attending the class are individually catered for.  If there is an exercise she feels you will struggle with, she will give you a variation to try instead.  Her constant encouragement makes you feel that with a bit of perseverance you can achieve your goal.  It’s now 18 months since I joined Karen’s class and I have achieved more than I ever dreamed of.  I have almost no pain now in my leg or back, I only attend Physiotherapy once every 3 months for a maintenance check-up, I attend regular aerobics classes and have just completed a 12 mile charity walk.

Karen’s help and encouragement throughout was invaluable and I cannot thank her enough.  I intend to keep going with my Pilates exercises, I definitely do not want to return to the person I was 2 years ago, I am enjoying my movement too much now to lose it all again.”

Shirley, Edinburgh

“I suffer from hyper mobile joints and was diagnosed in my 20′s.  I had been suffering from chronic, debilitating pain for a number of years, which had resulted in lots of time off sick from my job as a children’s nurse.  Pilates was suggested to me by my osteopath and my physio. I was unsure but followed the osteopaths’ recommendation and contacted Karen.

Karen was friendly, professional and understanding regarding my condition, pain and worries, she viewed me as a person, not just focusing on my problems, but also my lifestyle and how this was affecting my whole life.  I felt at ease with Karen instantly and trusted she could help me.  I remember leaving the first studio session feeling optimistic for the first time in months. In the last 2 years Pilates and Karen have made an amazing difference to my quality of life.  I’m no longer off work because of back pain, and when I do get exacerbations I have the exercises to help thanks to Karen. I have lost weight and my core strength has improved immeasurably.

 Karen laughed when I offered to write my testimonial as I said it should be titled “How Pilates saved my life”, but at times that is truly how I feel.

If you are considering Pilates at all, I say go for it and CAN NOT recommend Karen Rooney enough.”

Joanne, Edinburgh