About Me

Level 3 Register of Exercise Professionals
Matwork & Studio Trained
BA (HONS) Degree Dance

BarreConcept Instructor   

KCR Practioner                          

I trained as a dancer from the age of 15 and by 19 I graduated from Edinburgh’s Telford College with a BA (HONS) Degree in Dance. It was whilst I was studying for my Degree that I first discovered Pilates and its benefits. During my training I performed extensively touring Scotland and Northern England. I performed with a variety of different choreographers and dance companies, including Scottish Dance Theatre and X factor Dance Company. Upon graduation I taught dance as a freelance teacher for Midlothian and East Lothian Councils promoting healthy living for everyone ranging from young children to the elderly.

After teaching dance for a year I felt myself being drawn back to my Pilate’s roots and decided to train as an instructor. I knew that by teaching Pilates I would gain great pleasure from helping others improve their own bodies and realised the benefits Pilates could have on people’s lives, both young and old.

I trained in both Matwork and Studio Pilates at “Total Body Approach’’ Edinburgh in 2005, with Penny Megginson; a Physiotherapist, with a broad, expansive knowledge of Pilates. Since training I have more than proved my teaching abilities, having worked with clients with a range of issues including; MS, ME, osteoporosis, cerebral palsy, as well as working with top athletes, including tri athletes and the Hearts Football Club. I have worked in various studios in Edinburgh and was Company Director of The Pilates Place LTD, a very successful pilates studio.

However, my real passion lies in Pre and Post Natal Pilates. After having my own baby in 2011 and using Pilates during and after my pregnancy I have come to realise just how beneficial Pilates can be. I run specialist pregnancy workshops which teaches mums to be exercises that will help to relieve aches and pains, maintain good posture and prepare their bodies before, during and after labour.

I have also now trained in BarreConcept, which is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. I love this class as it takes me back to my dancing roots. This class is excellent for building up strength throughout the body as well as stretching you out head to toe. It’s a low impact class which makes it gentle on the joints

In September 2016 I decided to train to be a Kinetic Chain Release practitioner after having felt the benefits myself. KCR is a series of gentle mobilisations and stretches designed to bring your whole body back into balance quickly and easily. It was devised by a highly experienced physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert and is becoming extremely popular all over the world due to its effectiveness for most people. KCR can help many conditions including; chronic back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, migraines, snoring/sleep apnoea, tennis elbow, IBS as well as many other conditions.